In a video released on Twitter on Saturday, Montana’s two term Governor Steve Bullock is teasing that an announcement is imminent on whether he will officially launch a campaign for President, or perhaps the U.S. Senate.

As a Presidential candidate, Bullock would join a very crowded field of contenders from former Senator and Vice President Joe Biden to Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to a host of other governors, mayors and Congressmen and women.

However, as a candidate for the U.S. Senate, Bullock would only be facing one man, Republican Steve Daines, who is a solid conservative and Trump supporter.

Bullock is touted as a liberal Democrat who has won two terms as governor of a state that elected Trump by over 20 points.

Bullock recently held a ‘town hall’ meeting where the media were excluded, that was termed a ‘planning session’.

Bullock stated recently that he had no interest in running for the Senate, however, were he to win, that would give Montana two Democrats in the Senate along with Jon Tester and lessen the Republican majority in that body.

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