This is always how it plays out in my head when I sit down and drop my money in a machine at the casino.  Except in my vision I'm the one taking home the jackpot.

Well, someone else is living out my fantasy.  Yesterday was a BIG day at Gray Wolf Peak Casino!  Somebody won the largest jackpot to date - $276,752.16.  

Congrats to whoever was playing LUCKY DUCKY at 3:30 PM on May 9th!  They're now figuring out how to spend a nice chunk of change.

“We offer the biggest payouts in Montana at Gray Wolf Peak Casino and Kwataqnuk Casino│Resort,” stated CEO Bryon Miller. “On behalf of S&K Gaming, LLC and our team at Gray Wolf Peak Casino, we extend our sincere congratulations to the winning patron.”

Well, when it comes to jackpots, here's to hoping YOU or I will be the next big record setter!


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