Butte, Montana has been named "The Most Irish City in America" on several occasions, and the St. Patrick's Day parties there are legendary. So you'd think rule number one for a TV station would be "don't go live," right?

ABC Fox Montana of Butte decided it would be a good idea to throw reporter Taylor Chase to the wolves on Friday, March 17th. As she attempted to cover Butte's St. Paddy's celebration, several conceivably inebriated dudes in green jumped into her shot. One guy took his pants down baring half a moon, but (pun intended,) the camera man didn't pan away fast enough and sure enough, the bum was fully exposed.

When the camera man did pan away, and things seemed to be going a lot better for poor Ms. Chase, here comes a guy in a kilt, who seemed totally unaware that there was a live broadcast happening. Until his friend spun him around so that everybody watching could admire kilt guy's t-shirt, which read "F*** Me, I'm Irish."

According to ABC Fox Montana, around 15,000 people attended the St. Patrick's Day parade in Butte, and 27 arrests were made during the celebration. Thanks to Bev Yeager of Choteau for the footage!

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