The first of our Montana athletes took to the world stage yesterday, as Butte's own Brad Wilson participated in the finals of the Olympic Freestyle Moguls event in Pyeongchang, South Korea. With a  qualifying score of 76.33, Brad joined his Team USA comrades Troy Murphy and Casey Andriga in the finals Monday evening.

According to the Montana Standard

Wilson skied incredibly fast in the final with a full second off of his previous run, however, he appeared to barely make it through the middle section of bumps before flying off the bottom jump and skiing to the finish line in 23.34 seconds. He finished with a score of 62.74 and in 18th place overall.

Canadian Mikael Kingsbury took the gold medal, Australian Matt Graham the silver and Japan's Daichi Hara earned bronze.

We are still proud of our "Montana Boy" and even more proof that Montana is for badasses.

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