This Thursday and Friday, a noted Montana author of children’s books will visit three schools in Missoula.

MCPS Communications Director Hatton Littman provided details on Monday.

“Ben Mikaelson, who is an author who is currently living in Bozeman, is going to visit three of our schools at the end of this week,” said Littman. “He’ll pay visits to Sentinel High School, Chief Charlo and C.S. Porter Middle School, and we are just so excited that he’s willing to spend so much time with our students.”“

Littman explained the purpose of the visits.

“We have a rich tradition of our school librarians and teachers organizing author visits and helping students who have been working through their literature,” she said. “For example, C.S. Porter has chosen one of Ben Mikaelson’s books, ‘Touching Spirit Bear’, as their one-school, one-book literature selection. There’s a dual purpose to his visit, of course to talk about his books, but the other purpose is also to talk about some of our social emotional curriculum, specifically issues around bullying.”

Mikaelson will appear on Thursday at Sentinel High School and Chief Charlo Elementary School, and then on Friday at C.S. Porter Middle School.

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