Someone in Great Britain posted two photos on Twitter last month of an overweight guy dancing at a club.

The caption read: "Spotted this specimen trying to dance; ... he stopped when he saw us laughing."

It turns out the guy's name is Sean, and he's from London.

In one photo, he was dancing. In the other photo, he was just staring at the floor looking sad.

But shaming him online totally backfired, KCAL-TV CBS Los Angeles and NBC News reported.

Cassandra Fairbanks and Hope Leigh are part of a women's group in Los Angeles that throws events, and the photos made them angry. So, they decided to do something about it. They searched for Sean and offered to fly him to Los Angeles for a dance party with their 1,700 members.

Discover Los Angeles -- the Los Angeles Convention & Visitors Bureau -- is going to cover his travel expenses. The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is going to host the event for free. In addition, Pharrell Williams, Moby and Andrew W.K. have all offered to perform for free!

After Fairbanks and Leigh tracked Sean down, he accepted.

In addition, a GoFundMe was started and, as of Sunday night, had raised more than $35,000. Any remaining money is to go to an anti-bullying campaign.

It's great to see that, every now and then, the internet can be used for good.

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