Bus monitor and grandmother of eight Karen Klein has a job that even Steve Rowe wouldn’t want to do. In the following video Mrs. Klein is harassed by what appears to be three middle school boys (it’s difficult to tell how many children are involved). The boys start by jeering “you’re fat, look at all this flab here” and taunting “she’s so fat she’s fogging up her glasses.” The lady responds by saying “it’s not sweat, I’m crying” to which one of the boys adds “she’s crying over her box of Twinkies.” Some of the kids threaten to stab Klein with a knife and break into her home. Klein shows an immense amount of restraint throughout the video only admonishing that “if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all” to which a boy simply responds “shut the f&$# up.” One of the most heartbreaking moments is when one boy makes a “your mom” joke only to be followed by another kid that adds “oh wait you’re mom’s dead and you’ll be dead soon, she’s going to die of diabetes.” The clip has become one of the most horrifying examples of what many see as a generation that is out-of-control. There is an eerie Lord of the Flies feel to the video that becomes even more sickening when one realizes that none of this is fiction. Furthermore, Klein says that this isn’t the first time she’s been bullied in this way. In interviews she says that at times the boys will even flick the hearing aids out of her ears.


After the video was released, Klein has made many appearances on national television. Here’s her view of what happened.

A friend of Mrs. Klein started a fundraising site called “Lets Give Karen -The Bus Moniter- H Klein a Vacation” which has already raised over $500,000.00. Although Klein will undoubtedly get some relief what should be done to help the kids and furthermore how did they become so morally disconnected?

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