The Montana Cannabis Industry Awards are ready for your nominaton. Do you have a favorite grower or best dispensary? You can enter them now.

Cannabis in Montana is big business. How big? How does $353,040,478 from January 2022 to February 2023 sound? That's a lot of O.G. Kush. The Marijuana Herald breaks it down pretty well. 

According to data released by the Montana Cannabis Control Division, the state made $49,681,597 million in taxes from recreational marijuana and $4,185,300 million from the sale of medical marijuana. -TheMarijuanaHerald

They even boast a record of $24,530,061 in Marijuana sales just in the last month. With all of those Marijuana sales just in the state of Montana, it's no question, weed is big business in the 406.

Just driving around Missoula it seems there is a new dispensary on every street corner. It can definitely be confusing who stands out above the rest when it comes to quality, growth, customer service, price, and more. Luckily the Montana Cannabis Industry Awards are upon us and you can nominate for the best in many categories now

Montana State Hempfest now has nominations open on the awards in the following areas: 

  • Best Budtender
  • Best Cannabis Extraction Specialist
  • Best Cannabis Employer
  • Best Cannabis Advocate
  • Best Cannabis Testing Facility
  • Best Edibles Specialist
  • Best Grower
  • Best Dispensary

The nomination period will run from 2/13 - 06/15 so you have plenty of time to maybe try out a few new places before you decide on your final nomination

Actual voting will run from 6/16 - 8/15

No matter what side of the Cannabis fence you are on, you have to agree that this industry has brought millions in much needed tax revenue and employment into the state of Montana. If you have time, give them a nomination or vote to say thanks!

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