Oh, so you thought Captain America was done after the events of Avengers: Endgame? You thought his story arc was complete and you wouldn't be seeing any more of good ol' Cap? Well, think again: Captain America has been spotted in Montana!

OK, maybe it's not the same Captain America. Chris Evans may be done playing the first Avenger in the Marvel movies (for now, anyway - it's clear that pretty much anybody can always come back), but we've got our own Captain America in the real world walking through Montana at this very moment.

His name is Allen Mullins, and he's walking across the entire country - from Washington to Virginia - to help raise money for a retired veteran, and he's doing it while wearing a Captain America costume.

He set up a GoFundMe for Master Sergeant Gary Jorgens in October, with a goal of $25,000 to allow Jorgens to put a down payment on a new trailer that he sorely needs. Mullins has actually been doing similar walks across the country to support veterans since 2009, and says the Captain America costume is just a "conversation piece."

Honestly, we should get the whole Marvel universe in on this. Spider-Man swings across the country to support the homeless. The Hulk punches every building in every city in the country to support disaster relief. I'm telling you, there's something here.

In all seriousness, what Mullins is doing is a pretty great thing, and any way he can raise awareness and help out veterans in need is definitely furthering a greater good in society. Have you spotted Captain America walking through Montana?

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