This morning when I checked my email, I received the following from our Newschick:

The other day as I was driving down Higgins and saw Captain America, no joke padding and all... here's the thing though he looked not too happy to be "with costume". THEN yesterday I saw someone in a gorilla suit toting an American flag with a red white and blue top hat ... what the heck is going on? Is this some form of public humiliation or are we being taken over by super heroes and villains ?

Yours Truly,




OK, a coupla comments here.  First, see the kind of heavy hitting, investigative reporting we got goin' on here at The Blaze?  Important stuff.  Next, I'm glad that when people see this type of insanity, their first thought is to email me the deets.  So I go to Shande and say "Captain America huh?", she goes "YES! And he looked like he was being punished!".  hahaha What The EFF!?  Also, the fact that Shande considers the gorilla to be a "villain" cracked me up.

Although this is slightly unusual stuff, it's not so unusual for Missoula.  This town is full of freaks.  I've seen tons of this stuff, but most recently I was in the 1:45 beer rush line at the convenience store and was behind 2 dudes in capes, shorts, flip flops & sunglasses.  I've also seen packs of leprechauns downtown and really, you can go into any downtown establishment and see people who look as if they were turned loose in the Halloween department at Goodwill.  I recommend Al's & Vic's.

Next time you see dudes in capes or gorillas running amok the streets of Missoula, GET A PIC!!  Looking forward to seeing what you send.


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