The brand new façade of the Red Robin at Southgate Mall now has a giant gash after a car flew into it early this morning, June 8. Southgate Mall Security Guard Steve Yearwood was on duty at the time of the incident.

"It appears that someone drove through our parking lot at a high rate speed hit a rather large speed bump, went airborne, lost control and drove up onto our side walk, threw a planter and struck the front of the building at Red Robin," said Southgate Mall Security Guard Steve Yearwood.

Now, officials are working on identifying the vehicle.

"We do not know what vehicle it is," Yearwood said. "We have an idea of what color it might be. We have found some parts that may lead the police to an actual a make and model. It has a lot of front end damage and it has pretty bald rear tires because it spun out when they were trying to get back out over the berm where the planter was."

Repair crews were already starting to fix the damage by mid-day and Red Robin is still open for business, while law enforcement searches for a suspect.

A police officer had driven by the location at 3:00 a.m. and saw no damage, but saw the gash at 3:05, so the time when the incident could have happened has been narrowed down to just a few minutes.

Red Robin Crash
Photo courtesy of Ally Berry
Photo courtesy of Ally Barry


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