The holidays in Western Montana are in full effect, and for the most part, it's business as usual, unfortunately now that includes Hollywood business.

Dear, Hallmark. Stick to your greeting card game, please. -Me.

It looks like Montana is open season (yes, it's a hunting joke) for media companies trying to glom on to the success of Yellowstone. Of course, we've had our fair-ish share of movies and even a few celebrities tied to the Big Sky country, but as of late, it's getting a bit ridiculous, don't you think?


The latest depiction of land, lifestyle, and people portrayed on the big screen comes from the fine folks at Hallmark with "Christmas In Montana".

Like many other Montana movies, it takes place here, in Big Fork to be exact, but like many other movies themed around Montana, it actually was filmed somewhere else. This particular blockbuster was made in Ontario, Canada. 


I ran across this movie streaming over the Thanksgiving break, and I had to see what it's all about, and if it really has anything to do with Montana. As it turns out, not really. Here is the setup. A guy from Montana invites a gal from the city (Los Angeles) to spend Thanksgiving in a "Montana" setting, and she falls in love with him, and the area. It's not a spoiler alert, it actually could be the set-up to almost any Hallmark movie ever. I'm trying not to be biased about bad Montana movies or Montana people/places being portrayed terribly by Hollywood, but this is an actual scene from the movie. You be the judge.

(Couple sitting on the porch drinking hot chocolate)

Woman: This place is incredible. I've never seen Christmas brought to life like this

Man: I like to think it's all about who you experience it with

Woman: Well I'm glad it's with you, and your family of course. 

Man: Of course.

(a group of shooting stars pass over a clear night sky)

Woman: Did you pay someone to do that?!

And my friends that's probably all you need to know about this particular film. You can preview many more clips via their Hallmark page here. 

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