Montana has its fair share of Montana-born celebrities. One of which is an SNL alumnus and famous comedian, Dana Carvey.

Doing celebrity interviews has always been a big bonus of working in radio. I grew up watching Dana Carvey on Saturday Night Live, and like many of you can recite every word to the Waynes World movies. Now while Dana was born in Missoula, his family moved when he was about 2 years old.

Years ago I was working at a radio station that I and some other rad broadcasters built by hand in the small beach community of Laguna Beach, California. At the time Dana was on a U.S comedy tour and it just so happened that he would be doing a show in Orange County. I set up a phone interview because I really wanted to help promote the show, and also find out more about Dana's Montana roots. Many people know that he was born in Missoula, but is that all the time he spent here? Come to find out, not at all.

Dana spent many summers in Montana, specifically in Great Falls and the small town of Dixon. His parents and grandparents are native Montanans as well. Did you know both his parents graduated from the University of Montana? His grandfather was even a manager at the Great Falls Brewery in the 1930s for many years.

Dana still visits from time to time and had this to say about his Missoula experience:

I'm treated well up there not being a California interloper  - Dana Carvey

Take a listen to a portion of my audio interview with Dana below and hear about his family's ties and childhood experience in our great state.

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