Let me start out by saying I just moved here from Washington and I lived 15 minutes from where this news story happened. Also, I'd like to add that I am oddly attracted to this woman. With all that said, here is the story.

A high school football coach in Bremerton, Wash. was sidelined by the district when the school had a problem with him praying with his team after games. However, there's so much more to this story. During a Bremerton High School game, there were camera crews, football fans, religious freedom controversy and Satanists. Yes, you read that right, a group of Satanists!

This is not just one group of sweaty teens versus another group of sweaty teens," said a crazy-eyed girl who appears to really like Marilyn Manson. "This is a battle between God and Satan... on the everlasting AstroTurf of our soul.”  Right.

Even though the Satanists were a minor part of the story, we can't get over the rantings of this girl!

Luckily, despite all the controversy, Bremerton High won the game and will be advancing to the playoffs.

As for the Satanists, well, they went back to Zander's. Right Zander?

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