Mornings in Missoula have never been the same since Free Beer and Hot Wings took over the airwaves in 2012. For nearly a decade we have woken up to what Free Beer and Hot Wings lovingly call "poo poo and ca ca jokes." At times it seems that it is nearly impossible for the FBHW team to get a giggle out of me each day. Today, that was different. Today the Free Beer and Hot Wings crew made just about every listener in Missoula cry. Why? Well, in case you missed it, the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show donated $3,000 to a family that just lost their father to lung disease. A man who died just one day after his son was born.

It is all part of a program that The Free Beer and Hot Wings show put together to give back to people who are having a tough time.

According to the FBHW press release

As you may or may not know, last year, the Free Beer and Hot Wings show started our own 501c3 charity called Idiots for Underdogs. Listeners to our show who pay a monthly fee to access extra features on the website are affectionately known as “Fancy Idiots.” We take a portion of the membership fee they pay each month and dump it into an account so when we come across a news story about someone that is down on their luck (an underdog), we can try to help out a bit. Hence, Idiots for Underdogs.

If you want to score heaven points by helping those in need, plus get access to exclusive Free Beer and Hot Wings content, sign up to be a fancy idiot here.

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