The internet has literally been flooded with MEMES of Bernie Sanders attending the Biden Inauguration. And by flooded, I mean almost breaking the internet. The photo simply features Bernie Sanders, bundled up in his winter clothing, and freezing while unenthusiastically watching the President being sworn in. The MEMEs that have been generated from this are priceless. People are pasting photos of Bernie unenthusiastically watching just about everything. Anything from watching over your shoulder at work, to casually sitting on stage at the local strip club.

Photo courtesy of the Fox Club
Photo courtesy of the Fox Club

Now it is your turn to put your MEME game to work. We have been enjoying the Bernie MEMEs so much, that we want MORE. We want to see Bernie freezing his ass off at places around Missoula and western Montana.

For example Bernie waiting for a Mountain Line bus. Or, Bernie enjoying the view from the "M." Or, maybe Bernie is just "chillin" on the corner of Mullan and Reserve with a "Will work for socialism" sign. Where ever you can put Bernie locally, we want to see it.

Now, you probably asking. "Why would I dish out some of my dank MEMEs for nothing? Whats in it for me?" Well, how does a pair of passes to Snowbowl sound? Gracefully fall down a hill, on us?

Simply click the "message us" link on your Blaze mobile app and upload your .jpg photo of Bernie freezing his ass of in Missoula. Then BOOM...You're entered to win the Snowbowl passes. We will announce our winner Monday (1/25). Followed shortly after by a list of our favorite dank Bernie MEMEs.

DEADLINE IS Monday (1/25) at 10am.

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