Montana seems to be a hot topic no matter where you turn. It has been on many people's lips over the last few years. But, do these people REALLY know what it is like in Montana? Sure, some think of Montana as a fantasy land, just like what they see on "Yellowstone." But, it isn't all cowboys and postcard-quality scenery.

I remember traveling to Mexico on vacation. I met a bunch of nurses from Britain that were also on vacation. They were sweet ladies but clearly did not spend much time in geography class. Granted I probably couldn't point out where Wales is on a map of England. These ladies had no clue where Montana was. When I tried to explain it to them, the best I could do was simply say "Yellowstone Park." They immediately started going on and on about how I must like riding horses and wondering if we even had internet in Montana... Just goes to show you what people around the world think about Montana.

Heads up--the following YouTube and TikToks contain some NSFW language.

One of my favorite comedians recently got his first experience of what Montana is REALLY like. Funny man, Bert Kreischer, recently made a stop in Billings for a LIVE standup performance at the Metra Park. It turns out, Bert was blown away by one of the things that we Montanans see every day. Something he likes to call "The Trifecta."

@bertkreischer I love it here #montana #yellowstone ♬ the trifecta - bertkreischer

After Bert's performance last night in Billings, Bert's bus got stuck in a blizzard on their way to Bismark, ND.

@bertkreischer Anyone in #Bismarck ♬ original sound - bertkreischer

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