I started following Josh Pray on Facebook shortly after the pandemic started. He cracks me up with his reviews of classic movies that he has never seen. Taking a really hard look at why people enjoy the movies so much. And quickly found himself becoming a die-hard fan of the same movies. Check Out his review of the movie Tombstone. His enthusiasm for the movie almost makes you want to drop what you are doing and watch it again.

Josh gives hilariously honest reviews of just about anything. He even went as far as to do reviews of each and every state. Judging on everything from the people to the food to the scenery. See what Josh had to say about Montana in his "Top 5 Reasons to Love Montana."

Listing everything from the number of breweries in the state to the self-resilience of people who live here. Not to mention the scenery and the critters that live in nature. Josh seems to get a little too excited about seeing a Grizzly bear.

Josh also seems to really appreciate the lack of a sales tax in the state, coupled with the number of casinos.

Judging by Josh's review from 2020, we can only assume that the review was so good it may have single-handedly sparked the giant migration that involved people from all over the country packing up and moving to Montana. I gotta say, his reviews are pretty darn convincing.

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