Growing up in Montana, I have personally discovered some pretty cool things while kicking over rocks. Not just pill bugs and centipedes either. Over the course of my life, I can say I have probably discovered over a dozen fossils in Montana.

Now, I'm not talking about giant dinosaur skulls or wooly mammoth tusks. More like fossils of small fish and small crustaceans. Meaning that the place I found these fossils probably spent a significant amount of time underwater. Duh! But, does that mean I won't stumble across a dinosaur bone or saber tooth tiger skull? Not really. It appears Montana has gone through a ton of transformations over the last 750 million years. Which is probably the reason why it is just so darn pretty here in Big Sky Country.

Montana has spent some time underwater. Looking more like "Bikini Bottom" than the top of the world. But, as the Earth's plates shifted and the continents formed, Montana transformed too. In fact, Montana was a paradise for some of your favorite dinosaurs. Including the most popular dinosaur of all time. The king of the dinosaurs, T-Rex.

According to Wikipedia

During the early Cretaceous, the state was home to its first flowering plants as well as predators such as Deinonychus. Later the Western Interior Seaway, home to creatures such as mosasaurs and plesiosaurs, came to cover the state. On land, the duckbilled Maiasaura formed vast nesting colonies. By the end of the Cretaceous Montana was home to some of the most famous dinosaurs; creatures such as Edmontosaurus, Triceratops, and Tyrannosaurus.

Just think, if your house was a time machine. What would you see if you traveled back to the Cretaceous and looked out your front door?

The website has a feature that will allow you to type in your town and see where it stood on Earth dating back to 750 million years ago. Simply type in your location, and how far back in time you want to travel, and the map will show you where you would be on the planet at that time. It also allows you to use different filters to find where your house was when life first began or when primates first started walking the earth.

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