I have never been a huge fan of hiking, for the sake of hiking. For me, I need a reason why I'm hiking, besides just to get to the top. If you told me "when we get to the top of the mountain we will find an amazing fishing hole or a herd of elk" then I would haul ass up the hill. The same can be said for disc golf, it gives me a reason to hike. A stereotype has been stuck to people who enjoy disc golf, and that is that apparently all folfers smoke weed. A video has recently surfaced of an avid folfer getting accused of being a stoner.

In the following video, a police officer accuses a disc golf player of smoking weed, just because he plays the game. It makes me even more mad when the officer assumes the kid admitted to smoking even though he didn't say he did. Know your rights and don't answer any questions that are not necessary.