You think you're excited for the new Stone Sour album? You haven't talked to Corey Taylor yet, who is absolutely over the moon while speaking about his experience working on the band's upcoming Hydrograd album. The band recently revealed that the album would arrive in June and we should have some new music to hear shortly.

We recently spoke with Corey Taylor about the disc and he had a hard time holding back on his desire to share the music. "I'm so excited about it that if I didn't think I'd get in f--king trouble, I'd play it for you right now, for real," Taylor told us. "I am beyond excited. Everyone we have talked to has just been blown away by it."

The band has a little more personal stake in seeing the response on Hydrograd this time around. Taylor explained, "You put a lot of work into it and you care and this is the first time we've really co-produced and it came out really so far beyond our expectations that now we just can't wait to share it with the world. It is flat out rock 'n' roll in its best form."

The vocalist says that while rock and roll may be getting a bad rap these days, Stone Sour are here to embrace it and show how well they can deliver a stellar rock record. "Stone Sour is a rock and roll band that can play everything and this album is going to prove it. This is the best album we've ever done," proclaims Taylor.

It's an exciting time for Taylor who not only has the album and a major summer tour with Korn on the horizon, but he’s also prepping a new book and hosting a Beats 1 show on Apple Music called A Series of Beeps. It’s been picking up steam this year, and you can check out every episode on demand when you join Apple Music.

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