It is hard to believe that Yellowstone Park is turning 150 years old. I mean clearly, the area is older than that. But the park itself sure has aged well.

It was March of 1872 when President Ulysses S. Grant signed the bill that would establish our nation's first national park. 150 years later, the park is visited by people from all over the world. With at least 4.78 million visitors in 2021 alone. Making it one of the most popular places to visit on the planet.

As Yellowstone National Park enters its 150th year, a new television series is being developed. The new series is simply called "Yellowstone: One Fifty." A 4 hour long series that will look at the vibrant history of the park and its animals. The entire series on the Fox Nation streaming service is narrated by the star of the hit television drama "Yellowstone." The one and only Kevin Costner.

According to NBC Montana/AP

Costner's company, Territory Films, is making the series with Warm Springs Productions.

(Warm Springs Productions is a local film production company here in Missoula. Known for their work on great shows like History Channel's "Mountain Men.")

"Yellowstone: One Fifty," will be released this Fall

Another Kevin Costner project you may want to look into is a new app that Costner has partnered with. The app HereHere uses location-based data and shares with people history, stories, and interesting facts about a location that may be nearby. An app perfect for any road trip you may have planned.

Learn more about HereHere, as well as hear a history lesson about Lewis and Clark and the Bitterroot valley from Costner himself.

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