It has been a week since the last mass shooting in America. This explains why the media is covering the gun debate in all 24 hours of their broadcast cycle. These shootings always seem to become heavy political talking points. With both sides' feelings being displayed in a sometimes overly aggressive way. One side says "It's our right, and it will not be taken away." The other side says "Something needs to change." Both sides go back and forth as if you are watching a tennis match. Yet, it always seems to end in a stalemate.

As a Montanan, and an avid outdoorsman, you can probably guess which side of the argument I lean on. Montana is a community engulfed in gun culture. In fact, Montana has narrowly beaten Wyoming in gun ownership numbers for 2023.

According to World Population Review

For the purpose of this article, we’re focusing on the total percentage of gun ownership in relation to the state’s population. Based on this, the state of Montana has the highest gun ownership rate, with 66.3% of adults owning a gun. Wyoming closely follows at 66.2%, with Alaska in third at 64.5%.

I was raised around guns and taught to respect them. Just like I do with my son, and I know he will do with his. The gun debate isn't a new thing. It goes back generations. I still have my grandfather's shotgun, which he ordered from a SEARS catalog at the turn of the century. Sometimes my son asks if we can pull it off the mantel to admire it, and when I do, he holds it like he just got handed the Holy Grail. He respects guns and I can proudly say he is great with gun safety.

Someday my guns will be his guns, and his guns will be my grandkids' guns.

Yet, people still want to make us believe that guns are the problem. I am a firm believer that guns are not the problem. Politics, mental health, and poor parenting are what is causing America's issues with guns. If that is not how you feel and you are still reading. Let's just agree to disagree and move on.

Kevin Costner was recently a guest speaker at a hunting foundation banquet in Texas. During his time at the podium, he shared some stories that reminded me so much of Montana's gun culture and hunting.

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Kevin Costner made some really great points during his time on stage. He even shared a fun fact about his character John Dutton on "Yellowstone." It turns out that the 30-30 rifle he carries in the show is the one that he broke the firing pin on when he was younger.

See Cosnter's entire speech at Park Cities Quail Convention

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