Much like other states that have decriminalized marijuana and made recreational cannabis use legal, Montana is seeing a ton of tax revenue from sales. But not all the money has officially found a home. Where is all of this additional revenue going to go? Places like Colorado funnel a large majority of their cannabis tax to public schools. Montana has considered a couple of ways to spend the money. One of which just got approved recently.

Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission is set to receive more than $1 million in cannabis tax revenues.

The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission normally operates on a pretty small budget. Using contributions from Montana residents to operate. That budget usually only amounts to roughly $30,000 per year. But, thanks to the legal sales of cannabis, the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission has been approved for $1.13 million. That is a big chunk of change for an organization that focuses on wildlife habitat restoration.

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Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks wildlife division administrator Ken McDonald told the commission that the six-figure totals are a “really a nice infusion to help with management and conservation of a significant number of species” in the state.

The work plan includes habitat restoration and conservation work officials hope will keep “species of great conservation need” under state authority, rather than see those species become endangered, McDonald said.

McDonald identified two species – the pygmy rabbit and pinyon jays – as having been petitioned for listing under the Endangered Species Act and the commission will use some of the funds to “help provide and improve habitat for these species,” he said.

Next time you roll a fatty or spark a freshly packed bowl, just know that you are doing it for the pygmy rabbits and pinyon jays. As an avid sportsman, my only hope is that the newly acquired money doesn't end up being a reason to block access to public lands.

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