Somebody get a small comb and topical cream, Missoula might have crabs. Conspiracy theorists belive they have spotted a "crab creature" in a recent photo taken from the Curiousity Rover on Mars. NASA is currently exploring a rock outcropping called "Missoula," and some people believe that it shows a critter that resembles an alien crab. 

According to Daily Mail

The 'crab' can be seen in an image taken by the Mars rover Curiosity, which shows a formation that looks like a cave mouth on the red planet.

The photo was taken by Nasa in July but recently appeared in Facebook group 'Journey to the Surface of the Mars', who has the slogan: 'They will not tell the truth about Mars'.

Seth Shostak, director of the Centre for SETI Research said this is probably a case of pareidolia.

This is the psychological response to seeing faces and other significant and everyday items in random stimulus.


What do you see? To me it looks like one of those "face hugger" creatures form the movie "Aliens"

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