With the release of lucky album No. 13 from KornThe Nothing — we scoured the Internet to put together some of the most wild and incredible moments of the band’s career.

Korn have always triumphed in darkness, though it’s taken a heavy toll on singer Jonathan Davis. The tortured vocalist gives everything he can in the studio and onstage, documented perfectly in a rare piece of footage from 1993. Despite the potato quality, fans can see and hear Davis breaking down onstage while performing the abusive cut.

The band’s live shows always bring the ruckus, but the craziest stuff always tends to happen during “Blind.” Korn brought out one of the wildest crowds ever at Woodstock 1999, who famously turned into liquid once Korn began playing. Another audience started a bonfire during a massive stadium show, while “Blind” was also scored the return of Brian ‘Head’ Welch at Carolina Rebellion 2012.

One video you may not seen is the time Munky bashed himself in the head with a guitar. During a shoot, the guitarist smashed his instrument, only to have its body come back and crack him in the face. Munky ended up with a giant goose egg on his forehead, while the rest of Korn had to convince the guitarist not to cut it open like a boxer.

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