The spring weather is triggering the end of a bear's long winter nap. Soon more and more sightings of bruins will be popping up in our newsfeeds. As humans encroach further and further into bear habitat, sightings of bears in urban areas are getting more and more frequent. But, thankfully or us here in Montana, bears are not holding up traffic.

Meanwhile in Russia, there are angry bears with zero regard for traffic laws. A video has surfaced online showing a crazy scene that played out in the streets of Russia. Something that looks straight out of a Jumanji movie. Footage of a large brown bear chasing a pedestrian down a crowded city street.

According to the Viral Hog Video on YouTube

The bear runs through the streets. The footage shows that the man was talking on the phone and meets a bear. The man ran, but the beast did not lag behind. The bear was not frightened by the signals of the cars. When the victim ran out onto the road, the bear collided with the bus and the man was able to escape. Later, the bear was caught. The main thing is that everyone is alive and well.

That's right! Public transportation saves the day. The only thing that stopped this man from being dinner was a giant bus. Imagine being one of the passengers on the bus.  Thankfully no one was hurt and the bear has been captured. But the footage will have you siting at the edge of your seat.

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