Just a heads up, if you break the law, Steven Seagal will show up to your house in a tank and kill your dog and chickens.
In a recent taping of Steven Seagals reality show "LAWMAN", Steve participated in a raid of an Arizona mans house. He is now being threatened with a lawsuit because the victim says the raid was "unfounded". Seagal along with the Maricopa county Sheriffs department raided Jesus Sanchez Llovera's house with a claim that he was raising chickens for illegal cock fighting. Seagal and friends showed up in a tank wearing full riot gear and allegedly killed Llovera's 11 month old puppy and 100 chickens. They rammed the tank into his front gate and caused significant damage to his house. Llovera is asking for $100,000 for damages and a written appology from Seagal.
Even though it seems a little overkill. DAMNIT! Seagal is a Badass!

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