The classic form of social media is growing more and more popular around the state. With gas prices still relatively as low as they are, why not get out and burn a tank or two? The Saturday cruise of Reserve street returns this weekend. You may have noticed some classic cars and even hot rods roaming the "strip" from I-90 to South Ave. Cruising takes us back to the days, when driving around and searching for friends was the only style of "social media."

Cruising Reserve street and Higgins Ave, has always been a past time in Missoula. But, it grew even more popular last year during the height of the COVID 19 pandemic. People were sick and tired of being locked up in their homes and needed to get outside. They needed to socialize, while also remaining diligent with the social distancing. What better way to share some time with friends, than a evening cruise? Or simply sitting curbside and watching the endless amount of American muscle cars and classic hot rods slowly drive down the street. Judging by the amount of camp chairs and spectators on the sidewalks of Reserve street last spring/summer, the weekly "cruise" was the hottest ticket in town.

Well, we are happy to say that the "Cruise" is back this Saturday.

According to the event page of Facebook

Meet at the AMC theatre off Mullan, leave by 7PM. Respect the lot, no burnouts, bouncing off the Rev limiters, or laying on the horns. Everyone has their own idea of how they want to travel the road and where to turn around. We are all there to show off a ride, so mix it up, park at different lots along Reserve once in awhile and let the spectators enjoy a closeup.

So toss a coat of wax on your ride, and get ready for a classic cruise this Saturday April 17th along Reserve st.

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