Can someone please tell us what was so damn scary about Scary Spice in the first place? We’ve racked our brains and we really can’t come up with anything. Sure, she might give you a proper whooping if you tried anything, but with a name like Scary Spice, who would mess with her?

Mel B or Melanie Brown, as she’s more commonly known as now, was one-fifth of the girl group, the Spice Girls. And if you’re going to say you’ve never gotten drunk and scream-sang ‘Wannabe,’ then we’re going to call your bluff. It’s happened. Just move on already.

After the Spice Girls disbanded, Mel B went on to score some Top 5 hits in the U.K. and star as a judge on the Australian version of ‘X Factor.’ She also starred in a few movies and appeared in the Broadway production of ‘Rent.’ Brown scored her very own reality show on the Style Network titled, ‘ Mel B: It’s a Scary World,’ and in 2010, released a fitness program called ‘Get Fit with Mel B.’

Perhaps most Yanks will best remember Scary Spice for having a baby with Eddie Murphy. To quote rapper Wale on Eddie Murphy’s situation, “He got a wife, ex-wife, and a baby mother, in the same year, but I ain’t judging.” No judgments here on Mel B either, we’re crushin’ too hard to do that.


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