‘The Bachelor’ finale is next week. It’s a classic showdown between ‘good girl’ Lindzi Cox and the all-around unlikeable but very darn good looking Courtney Robertson. ‘The Bachelor’ finale is looking more like a heavyweight boxing match to win Ben Flajnik’s heart –for at least the next six months. Come on, we know the relationship won’t last, this is reality TV.

Lindzi Cox is the all-around likeable good girl from Ocala, Florida. The exact opposite of ‘The Bachelor’ finale she-devil front-runner Courtney Robertson. Both women want to be chosen to walk off into the sunset with the Muppet that ABC is trying to pawn off as good-looking. And don’t even get us started on this. We get that he was embarrassed on national television on ‘The Bachelorette,’ but why this guy? Why? Why not us!

Did we mention Lindzi C. is an accomplished equestrian? She even brought a horse with her to meet Ben the first night on ‘The Bachelor.’ Who brings a horse to a party except someone that MUST be awesome. We’re hoping Ben picks the crazy Courtney Robertson because the only way we would ever have a chance with Lindzi Cox is if she’s on the rebound.

How many more days until the ‘The Bachelor’ finale? Kidding, it’s marked on our office fridge.


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