U.S. Senator Steve Daines was in Helena today, February 22, speaking to the Montana State House of Representatives, on the heels of a left-leaning protest held in front of the State Capitol on Tuesday. Though Daines didn’t say the name of Donald Trump or Barack Obama during the opening of his speech, it was clear that Daines was optimistic about the party now in control of Washington D.C.

“Our federal government was designed to be limited with limited powers and the rest was reserved for the states,” said Daines. “However, as we have seen in the past 8 years there are times when certain presidencies and their allies view this in reverse. There are those who believe the federal government knows better than the states and better than the people, that view ended 33 days ago.”

Daines highlighted state leadership throughout his speech, mixing the issue of federalism into topics as varied as the Keystone XL pipeline and the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.  According to Daines, the 2016 election was a historic turning point.

“This started a transfer of power from the federal government back to the states and back to the people of Montana,” Daines said. “We are at a unique moment in history. It is a moment when Washington D.C. understands this most important principle, Montanans are best at running Montana.”

While on the topic of historic change, Daines informed the state legislature that a confirmation vote will likely occur for Congressman Ryan Zinke next week. If confirmed, Zinke will become the Secretary of the Interior and the first Montanan ever to hold a cabinet position in U.S. Government.




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