Well, here we are, fresh off a month long "no shave November." Your beard is starting to look pretty EPIC huh? You have reached a crossroads. Do you shave the beard for Christmas, or let it live until it gets hot outside? I say, your face is a garden, let it grow.

But, if you do plan to shave your beard, McDonalds is offering $3 worth of mystery meat to the first 10,000 men who post selfies of their freshly shaven face.

According to CNN

The fast-food chain is partnering with No-Shave November to give out 10,000 McRib sandwiches to customers in an effort to bring awareness to the non-profit which raises money for cancer research.
To enter, fans must post a photo on social media with their clean-shaven face because "beards + McRib sauce don't mix."
Fans can enter by posting their photo on their public Twitter or Instagram profile using #Shave4McRibSweepstakes and tag @mcdonalds. The first 10,000 entries will receive a code for a free McRib, available via McDelivery with Uber Eats, while supplies last, the company said

But, if you really want to get into the hap-hap-happy holiday spirit. And you dont want to let the majesty of your beard fade into the dark. This holiday season, not only can you decorate your home with festive lights. You can also decorate your beard. You can turn your face into Clark W. Griswold's house.


For ONLY $40, you can get your beard in the holiday spirit.


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