Kathleen Williams, the Montana Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives appeared on the KGVO Radio Talk Back show on Friday to answer questions from audience members, as well as those following on Facebook.

Referencing her Wednesday public meeting at the University of Montana to discuss options regarding the Wilderness Study Areas, Williams immediately pointed out her willingness to meet and listen to input from the public, something she said current Congressman Greg Gianforte won’t do.

“We opened it up to public comment and proved absolutely that Montanans can have a civil dialogue on things that they’re passionate about,” Williams began. “No public servant should be afraid of that. I want to compliment and thank everyone that came and shared their perspectives.”

Williams said she went one step further by taping any comments from people who were not heard during the meeting, so that they could be heard.

“Anyone that didn’t get a chance to speak had the opportunity to share their ideas with one of my staffers who recorded their thoughts, and then all of that will be summarized, and I think we’re going to share it with our Congressional delegation.”

Williams also took calls about her stand on the southern border, abortion, and forest management.

Hear the entire conversation with Kathleen Williams on our KGVO Facebook page.

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