Dethklok may have been dealt a bit of a setback when their summer tour with Lamb of God fell through, but the animated outfit will look to rebound this fall with the release of a new album.

ThePrp is reporting that Adult Swim favorites will issue their third album, appropriately titled ‘Dethalbum III,’ on Oct. 16 through Williams Street Records. Creator Brendon Small, who also is behind the band’s hit series ‘Metalocalypse,’ has managed to balance both the television responsibilities and recording music over the last few years.

He recently told radio host Full Metal Jackie that he has to keep the characters in mind when creating the music. He explained, “It definitely has to be heavier than what I would do if I were just making a record because I want to put in everything and I’ll throw in a lot of melody in the guitars but not in the vocals. So I have to keep my voice kind of low and scream-y as possible which is something I probably wouldn’t do on a solo record, like my solo record ‘Galakticon.’ When I’m doing that stuff I want to make sure the guitar work is interesting and fast, I have to make sure the rhythms are perfectly played, it can’t be sloppy, doing my own stuff I would probably be a bit looser with stuff.” He added that he also has to consider what Nathan Explosion’s take would be on any particular lyrical content and how seriously they would take that idea.

As for the men behind the animation, Small revealed that drummer Gene Hoglan would return and that he would co-produce and mix the effort with Ulrich Wild. Meanwhile, Bryan Beller, who had toured with Dethklok in the past, lent his talents on the record this time.

‘Dethalbum III’ will be available in both standard and clean edit versions, and a deluxe CD/DVD edition is also in the works. The extras include the DVD portion which comes with a 32-minute documentary and music videos.

Dethklok’s ‘Dethalbum III’ Track Listing:

1. ‘I Ejaculate Fire’

2. ‘Crush the Industry’

3. ‘Andromeda’

4. ‘The Galaxy’

5. ‘Starved’

6. ‘Killstardo Abominate’

7. ‘Ghostqueen’

8. ‘Impeach God’

9. ‘Biological Warfare’

10. ‘Skyhunter’

11. ‘The Hammer’

12. ‘Rejoin’

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