Free Beer and the guys watched a painful video this morning that involved a young man, the woods, a guitar, and Bryan Adams. Not surprisingly, the end result is just as bad as you’d think it would be. In the video, the Hawaiian-shirted Lothario professes his love to a girl named Emily by singing along to Adams’ classic love track, ‘Everything I Do, I Do It For You.’

“Do you think he’s the least charismatic performer in the history of performance,” asked Free Beer.

“I feel bad for that guy,” said Zane. And we all know that when Zane responds to something with an uncharacteristic bit of empathy, it’s gotta be bad. Free Beer then shared a story about a poem he wrote for his now wife and how she laughed in his face when he read it to her.

But seriously though, what was this kid thinking? We live in a post-Star Wars kid world now. When you put yourself out there like that, instant humiliation is always a looming possibility. Assuming that young THASSELHOFF (okay, we’re starting to think this kid is kind of awesome now) was aware of these dangerous particulars, we have to admire the go-for-broke attitude.

Hey Emily, you probably think I’m a creep after I gave you the music video but all I can really do is tell you I care about you more than words can express and that’s why I had to make the video.

You ladies swooning out there yet? Whatever is happening in this video, it’s over 200,000 views now and going strong. Check it out below:

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