Restaurants are slowly coming back from the pandemic. More and more people are dining out. The local restaurants are seeing tons of support from local customers. But, how are the chains doing? Lots of these places are having the same problem that other food service businesses are having. Finding food service staff is becoming more and more difficult. In fact, we recently reported that Buffalo Wild Wings locations, here in Montana, are closing their doors on Mondays because of a lack in staffing. Which is a problem that the chains face all over the country. But, who wouldn't want to work at a Montana-themed restaurant? No, I'm not talking about the always-popular Montana Club. Which does have locations all over Montana. I'm talking about "Ted's Montana Grill."

I was TODAY years old when I discovered that there is a Montana-themed national restaurant chain. Move over Outback Steakhouse and Olive Garden. Bring on the bison burgers and Big Sky charm. Co-founded by none other than Ted Turner.

According to Ted's Montana Grill's website

We take great pride in ensuring all guests receive a warm and memorable experience leaving them feeling better than when they came in. From a bowl of half sours to our two-dollar bills, we empower each team member to deliver Big Sky Moments in ways that are natural and effortless to Ted’s and our guests.

Little did I know, but this restaurant chain is scattered all over the US. With 40 locations from Florida and Georgia to DC and New York City. We even have a location here in Montana. I wouldn't have known it was a national chain if I saw it, but there is a Ted's Montana Grill in Bozeman.

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