With Memorial Day weekend coming up, it would not be the proper kick-off summer without watermelon. Growing up I always thought my Mom was just being weird when she would painstakingly knock on every watermelon in the store. She said it was her trick to find the ripe one. But, I couldn't tell the difference. As I knocked on each melon, it sounded the same. I eventually would just bust out a drum solo and continue shopping.

I found myself in this predicament again recently. A fresh crop of watermelons arrived at my local store. I immediately started drumming on them like Phil Collins in his song "In The Air Tonight." It is odd how many weird looks you get when you scream "IT'S ALL BEEN A PACK OF LIES!" in the middle of the produce section.

As it turns out, I have been overthinking the process all these years. In order to pick out the perfect watermelon, you have to think like a watermelon. In order to REALLY find out the secret to picking the perfect watermelon, take some advice from a produce clerk.

Now, I know Montana is not known for growing tons of watermelon. But, with the season upon us, it is time to go pick out a watermelon for your next cookout. Utilizing the weight, sound, and color techniques will really pay off when you get your melon home.

Now, if only I could find other fun things to practice my drum solos on in the market.

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