If you step back and take a breath, you’ll notice that time is passing by. If you look at a calendar it's FLYING past! Nice transition huh? The Downtown Missoula Partnership wants you to be part of an annual tradition and send in your entries to bring the 2023 Calendar of Events Photo Contest to life. 


The last several editions have been sellouts and community favorites and also a fun competition to get a photo of yours displayed inside for all eternity. They are looking for photos from anyone, 18 or older, professional or amateur photog to highlight in their 2023 edition. Of course, the subject is Missoula, in particular, Downtown and its glorious denizens, the river and buildings, events, and streetscapes that we all embrace and love. Here's your chance to wow’em!   

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There are rules

Yes, there are lots of easy rules but the ones right off the top you should be aware of:

  • You can’t use pix from a cell phone. Ouch. Need to use a real camera. It’s hard holding a Daguerreotype for a selfie at the carousel.
  • Now, you have to send entries to a Dropbox link or email. No CDs or dropoffs.
  • You have to enter by Monday, October 10th. 
  • Read the rules! 

Seriously- Read The Rules. 

The cool thing is you don't have to go tromping all over the city! If you have a great photo of you and your friends hanging at the Bacon & Brewfest or a hike up the M-trail, a street scene with the hanging flower baskets? You could win some stuff and gloat over your work in the 2023 Downtown Missoula Partnership Calendar.

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