Oh Testy Fest. As one long time employee puts it, "it's like a really gross family reunion at this point." But it's FUN! And that's all that counts.

When Missoulians think of the World Famous Testy Fest, some words come to mind: nudity, beer, booze, women, wet t-shirts, BALLS. But Testy Fest has some hilarious and fun games too! Here's what you can look forward to this year.

"ID Your Partner" - Couples will attempt to identify each other based on smell alone.

"Snail Trail Challenge" - Ummm, thongs are provided, there's PVC pipe involved, we'll leave it at that.

"Biggest Balls" - Naked Mike will be in charge of this again this year, so just look for him for more info. He's easy to spot because when he's not nekkid, he is often seen in his "dress up clothes" (a loin cloth.)

"Ball Eating Contest" - Testy Fest wouldn't be testacular without contestants competing for the coveted title of "most balls consumed." We're talking Rocky Mountain Oysters here.

"Miss Testy Festy" - This pageant is open to all women attending the fest and involves a question and talent category, just like the Miss America Pageant, except with less clothing and more drinking. Find Daniella for more info.

"Wet T-Shirt Contest" - The most anticipated and well known contest at Testy Fest. There are 2 separate contests now, one for 40 and under and one for 40 and older. You are guaranteed to see some shit that you can't unsee.

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