-slightly indecent and liable to shock, especially by being sexually suggestive.

That would be the best way to describe the name of a popular convenience store that was once scattered all across Montana. A name that always made the immaturity come out in all of us. A name that made those with a "dirty mind" giggle every time they filled up a tank of gas.

Of course, I am talking about the Kum & Go convenience stores.

According to CSP Daily, a Utah-based company called Maverik has bought all Kum & Go locations and is looking to change the name.

"I think there was some concern about the inadvertent double entendre of the Kum & Go name,” a former Maverik member shared. “I also believe that [Maverik CEO] Chuck Maggelet envisions growing Maverik into a multi-regional brand, and he’s not deterred by Casey’s, Kwik Trip or other well-respected brands in the Midwest.”

You may remember seeing multiple Kum & Go locations across Montana. But, only one C-store remains in Montana with the Kum & Go name. Can you guess where it is located?

The last remaining Kum & Go location in Montana is open for business in beautiful Plentywood, MT.


If I dig in my closet, I am sure that I can still find at least one of the many Kum & Go t-shirts that I bought years ago. Why would I buy a T-shirt from a gas station? I don't know. Maybe I thought it was funny. I saw Johnny Knoxville wear one on MTV's Jackass. What I do know is, I was the customer giggling about the double entendre while filling up on fuel.

MOVIECLIPS/YouTube/Jackass 2

RIP KUM & GO thanks for the laughs and the cool T-shirts.

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