The chicken served at the Double Front Cafe has been a legendary Missoula staple for nearly 51 years. The team at the Double Front hopes to enter the Guinness Book of World Records by cooking and serving 2,000 chicken dinners today. Jason Herndon, whose family owns the Double Front Cafe, explains the goal.

Currently, the record for largest serving of chicken is held by Indiana’s Canoefest, which managed to serve 1,654 pounds of chicken. After today’s chicken frenzy, Double Front Cafe will petition Guinness to create a new chicken category based on volume.

If you've ever attempted to place an order with DF when they've done half price chicken in the past, you know that you better call ahead.  Way ahead.  Reserve yourself some of the best tasting chicken you'll ever put in your mouth, 543-6264 (I typed that number from memory, been calling it since I was a kid).  Since the staff will be constantly making chicken today not only to fill your orders, but also to get into the Guinness Book, there will be no fries today.

Even if you don't get in on the goodness today, keep the DF in mind next time you've got friends or fam in town who want to eat somewhere uniquely Missoula.  And you gotta' eat downstairs.  I try not to tell too many people of this rad secret bar, but clearly the word is out because every time I go down there now, it's packed, wall to wall packed.  Cool little bar where no one will ever find you;  excellent chow, potent drinks, awesome bar and wait staff & pool table in the heart of downtown Missoula.  You can't beat it.

(The mighty Jon King from our KGVO news department contributed facts & audio to this blog.  Cuz he rules.)

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