Who: Continental, Monkey & A Roast Beef Sandwich and God Fearing Women

Where: The Dark Horse

When: Tonight (4/6/12) 8pm

Cover: $5, 21+

Continental is Rick Barton, founding member of Dropkick Murphys and guitar from 1996-2000, and his son Stephen. Their official Press Release says:

"Continental deliver honest, working class music and gut wrenching love songs based on the scarring experiences of their frontman, Rick Barton. “I’ll be climbing down a 40-foot ladder to step on stage,” says Barton in reference to his long career as a housepainter. “My work is how we support the band’s ability to tour.”

Monkey & A Roast Beef Sandwich are chill rock out of the Flathead Valley, and just added, God Fearing Women are described as 'ska rock'.

It's a Demonlily Entertainment show so you know it's gonna' be a party! It's Friday, it's a holiday weekend and this is a perfect way to help you forget it's SNOWING.

Two more things, the number for UCALLUS, Missoula's Designated Drivers who work on donations,880-1673. And we thought we'd let you know this is one of the few nights that tie die is acceptable.




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