It took less than two minutes for hundreds of excited children to scoop up thousands of plastic eggs filled with prizes on the University of Montana oval on Saturday afternoon.

Easter Egg 2
photo by Peter Christian

The moment the clock in Main Hall struck 1:00 p.m. the children, divided into age groups, excitedly scattered across the grass gathering up their Easter loot, as moms, dads, and grandparents captured the insanity on their smartphones, video cameras and tablets.

Easter Egg 4
photo by Peter Christian

The man chiefly responsible for rescuing this year's event, Michael Burks, was breathless after watching his own grandchild out on the grass.

"That was the quickest 90 seconds in the history of my life," Burks laughed. "All the hours of work it took to fill those eggs and it was all over so quickly."

The event almost didn't take place until a generous local businessman stepped in to help. Burks, who owns the Garden of Readn' Christian Bookstore and the Missoula Maulers Hockey Club, said everyone who works for him took part in getting ready for the big day on Saturday,

"We literally stuffed every single egg, and every business I have has been focused on this," he said. "Between prizes, sponsorships and stuffing eggs, it has been the longest week ever. But, after watching all this, it is 100 percent worth it. Just to see all these kids playing around and excited, and watching my own grandson here opening up eggs, it's so worth it."

Burks said the experience helps put life in perspective.

"Everybody gets into a world where it's a rat race to get everything done, and to actually do this and to sit back and watch the fruit of all the work, it's just amazing."

Hosting the event was Townsquare Media's Aaron Traylor 'America's Tallest DJ' and KPAX-TV Meteorologist Erin Yost.


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