Eddie Vedder’s dedication to his fans is pretty incredible. At a recent solo show in Dublin, Ireland, Vedder went past curfew, but to continue performing, the Pearl Jam frontman reportedly signed a €25,000 (approx. $28,000) check to complete his set.

Vedder’s June 9 gig in Dublin was a massive 33-song set filled with Pearl Jam favorites, solo songs and covers. The musician’s concerts are known to be marathons, so it isn’t hard to imagine Vedder going past curfew. Reported by NME, a source claimed, “A lad who works at the 3Arena said Eddie walked off stage and signed a cheque for €25,000 so he could keep playing.” Vedder himself hasn’t confirmed the rumor.

In other Eddie Vedder news, during an interview with SiriusXM’s The Beatles Channel, Vedder recalled the time Paul McCartney accidentally punched him in the face. While McCartney was telling Vedder a story about getting into a fight with someone, Sir Paul got a little too animated, not pulling his punch quite in time when re-enacting the tale. McCartney’s faux punch connected flush with Vedder’s face.

“As I was listening, I was thinking, Paul McCartney just hit me in the face and it hurt,” Vedder describes. “I think I remember tasting a bit of blood, he got me right on the side...and he apologized quickly so it wouldn't get in the way of the story … I remember it hurt for a few days and I remember when it went away, when the pain subsided and the swelling went down, I kinda missed it.”

Listen to Eddie tell the story himself in the clip below. Eddie Vedder still has a handful of European tour dates left, so click here for the remaining shows.

Eddie Vedder Recalls Being Punched by Paul McCartney on SiriusXM

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