The Missoula County Sheriff’s Office was informed today of an email scam that has hit Missoula County. Public Information Officer Paige Pavalone said a woman was contacted via email about a Notice to Appear in court:

"I was contacted by a member of the district court in Missoula County Courthouse this morning, and she said that one of her staff was contacted by phone by a woman who said she received a subpoena via email," Pavalone said. "The subpoena said that she was to bring all documents, and submit them to the court, and it listed a name. When they called the court, obviously Missoula County District Court said that it was bogus because we do not remit any subpoenas via email."

The name listed in the email was that of an Evie Taylor, an alleged Clerk of Court.

Pavalone said if any other people receive that email, know that it is not legitimate and is not from any court from Missoula County.

"Any subpoena, or any court subpoena sent over email is probably not true for Missoula if they are a Missoula County resident because our county simply does not operate that way," Pavalone said. "We do not send electronic notifications to anybody. They are usually served by our civil deputies. Any court decree that are coming through email, it's not going to be legit to Missoula County."

Pavalone said so far, only one email scam has been reported in the county.