I have always considered myself a "gastro-tourist." Meaning that when I travel, I want to try local food I cannot find "back home." You know? Really getting a firm grasp on the culture by eating local foods. For example, when in Seattle, Im drinking coffee and buying fresh seafood. When I'm in San Diego, Im eating street tacos. When in Glacier Park, Im sucking down a huckleberry milkshake. The only problem is, sometimes you sample these foods on vacation, and find yourself craving them when you return home.

When cooking at home, I sometimes like to spin a globe and pick a country. I will then research a popular dish from that country and attempt to recreate it at home. Don't even ask how my attempt at a proper Paella. For someone who has never traveled overseas, sometimes I like to experience a little of what a country has to offer through food.

I see videos online showing wild street food from around the world. Usually prepared in ways that are mindblowing to me. Or simply presented in a different way than I am used to. Take Thai Ice Cream for example. When I first saw videos of it being made, I was mesmerized. Then seeing how they organize the ice cream in bowls, was like nothing I have ever seen before.

According to Wikipedia

This frozen dessert originated in Thailand under the name "Thai rolled ice cream" or "stir-fried ice cream". By 2015, the United States picked up on the trend and the dessert is now known there as "rolled ice cream" or "ice cream rolls". Beginning in Thailand in 2009 as a popular street food, this dessert spread into neighboring countries and became a popular style of ice cream by 2012.


Missoula has recently become the home of your new favorite place to get Thai ice cream. Just a few months ago, the Tea and Crepe shop opened up in downtown Missoula. Don't let the name fool you. Granted they offer tea and crepes, but they also offer a taste of Thai street food.

Choose from a variety of different flavors, from strawberry and graham crackers to bananas and Nutella. You can also order online, thru DoorDash, or call ahead at 406-493-0271. Tea and Crepe are located at 140 North Higgins, next to the Missoula Visitors Center.

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