Winter can be a risky time to travel, and Exodus, Testament and Death Angel discovered that the hard way this past Sunday night (Feb. 9). The trio were on a ferry from Sweden to Finland for their The Bay Strikes Back tour when an atrocious winter storm, dubbed Storm Ciara, swept through.

Exodus guitarist Gary Holt took to Instagram to detail the "terrifying" storm. "Last nights ferry - cruise to Finland last night was on another level. Most insane thing I’ve ever experienced," he explained in the caption of one of the posts.

Holt later posted another series of photos, one of which was a screenshot of a New York Times article that stated five people in Europe were killed by the storm. "Okay, after a little research on last nights storm, I know of three bands who got extremely lucky!" the guitarist wrote. "25 foot waves, category 11 out of a 12 scale, two out of five band members puking their guts out, it was FUCKING TERRIFYING!!! But we made it and I feel pretty fucking alive today!!"

The truck that had been carrying Testament's gear was on a different ferry, which had been canceled, so Exodus and Death Angel lent them their gear so the show could go on as planned. They're lucky that was the worst of their situation.

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