Testament, Exodus and Death Angel's Bay Strikes Back show in Milan, Italy was canceled last night (Feb. 25) due concerns over the coronavirus outbreak.

According to Worldometer's live update of the virus's span, Italy is the country with the third-highest amount of cases, following China and South Korea. With over 380 cases reported in the European nation, the death toll now sits at 12.

As Italian officials scrambled to contain the spread, Testament released a statement regarding the Feb. 25 show cancellation. "Following the order signed by the President of the Lombardy Region, we are forced to suspend all the events scheduled at the Trezzo Live Club," the band wrote. "It is a precautionary measure valid unless corrections are made until 1 March 2020."

Testament acknowledged the financial sacrifice fans make in order to attend concerts, and ensured they will announce the rescheduled date as soon as it is worked out, and refunds will be made available as well.

"Regarding the epidemic situation, our personal conviction is that the infection does not stop by stopping only the entertainment, sport and culture, instead leaving free access to shopping centers, supermarkets, shops, banks, public transport and offices," the group continued. "It is a virus that has reached every corner of the globe and is transmitted even just by walking, but which fortunately has a very limited incidence of danger."

Read the full statement below.

The trio's Bay Strikes Back tour continues tomorrow night (Feb. 27) in Barcelona, Spain.

The World Health Organization is advising people on basic preventative measures to protect against contracting the disease — click here for more information.

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