Each year at the fair they have tons of things to do. Whether you enjoy riding the amusement rides, seeing all of the live animals or seeing the food competitions. Helen from Heaven's Hidden Treasures is the sweet lady who puts most of the show together. She gets 5-10 people each day to compete in different categories. On Wednesday it was the "International Food Competition", yesterday was the "Sandwich Competition".

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

There were 5 different sandwiches trying to win first prize. I would say all of the sandwiches were yummy, but each in their own way. Two of the sandwiches had avocado which I really enjoyed. There was a Greek Chicken sandwich that I thought tasted very fresh with all of the ingredients. There was a more basic sandwich that I really enjoyed called a munchie lunchie sandwich. And the winner was Elmer's famous brat sandwich. Last year he didn't win but this year with a special garlic aioli sauce that really made the famous brat our winner.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

The food competition at the fair is always so much fun and after the competition is over the food is available for everyone to sample. It takes place each day at 3pm inside the exhibit barn at the fair. Today's competition is the Men's Division, so expect some delicious food from the fellas today around 3pm.


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